How does a mechanical watch work? Tips and Information

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What is a mechanical Watch

A self-winding mechanical watch, also known as an automatic watch or just mechanical watch is designed to operate from the movements that the hand of is doing. The mechanical watch is designed to generate power from the hand movements without requiring a battery to operate.

How to wind a mechanical watch

In order to firstly operate a watch when you first get it or when you do not use it for an extended period, you have to manually wind it so you can kickstart the power generation process. The manually winding process is as follows:

  • Have the watch on the normal crown position (not the time set position)
  • Start turning the crown with a left to right movement until the watch starts working again
  • Simply wear the mechanical watch after you have finished the winding.

That is all that is required in order for a mechanical automatic watch to keep operating without having to worry about power and batteries. If you are unsure of the winding process and you still need to learn few more thing at how to wind a mechanical watch, please have a look at the following video:

How to wind a mechanical watch video:

Mechanical watches types:

Like normal watches, mechanical watches can be found in multiple types. Let’s take a look at the most popular and most interesting types of self-winding watches:

Skeleton Watches:

Skeleton watches are a type of mechanical watches. Their difference from other types of mechanical watches is that the moving parts of the skeleton watches are visible from the front or the back of the watch.

Best Cheap Skeleton Watches:

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Pocket Mechanical Watches:

Pocket watches (AKA pocketwatches) are watches that are made to be carried in a person’s pocket. Usually, the pocket watch is attached to a chain that is secured to the person’s outfit. Pocket watches are used as a style accessory for vintage, hipster and steampunk looks.

Best Cheap Pocket Watch:

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