Steampunk Vs Cyberpunk

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Do you wonder what Steampunk or Cyberpunk means? Do you know what is the difference between steampunk and Cyberpunk? Let me help you.

These two popular styles have many similarities (They are in fact very similar and one can easily confuse them). However, there are some differences that you can use to distinguish Steampunk with Cyberpunk.

Both of the styles emerge from the world of fiction. Let’s take a look at each of these two styles individually:

“Steampunk” – I am sure you got familiar with this term during your Internet, Instagram and Facebook journeys lately. Why? Because it is really trending.

What is Steampunk?

Steampunk Style - CoupleSteampunk is a concept which later turned into a style with many followers. It was inspired by the industrial steam powered machinery era. The industrial era is also known as the Victorian Era. Victorian Era is considered to be the period of Queen Victoria government. From 20 of June 1837 to 22 of January 1901.

Steampunk is an alternative style with romantic elements and technological touches. It is a subculture that mixes fashion, music, style, movies and many DIY things. Steampunk became mainstream around 2000.

It relates to affecting product design and specifically retro/vintage product redesign and DIY. It has brought to life the love of old materials like for example brass, copper, wood, glass, mechanical working engraving etc. There are also many cool steampunk fashion items that you can buy or you can even DIY that are based on steampunk principles and style.

What is Cyberpunk:

Cyberpunk Scenery Similar to Steampunk and the Victorian Era, Cyberpunk is a similar style. However, Cyberpunk is placed further in the future than Steampunk. Giving out an exact definition about Cyberpunk is difficult. We will try our best.

Cyberpunk is a sub-genre of science fiction that has elements of high-tech in an urban, dystopian future. Cyberpunk gives a feeling of gap among High-tech elements and low life underworld illegal activities like guns, gangs, drugs, and violence. It gives all this in a sense of corruption and social unrest.

Even if “what is Steampunk?” and “What is Cyberpunk?” are questions hard to answer due to the complexity of the terms, we know for sure that we love the steampunk style accessories such as sunglasses.

Let us know your thoughts on this article and please write in comments your opinions on how we can improve it.

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